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Wed, Jan. 6th, 2010, 09:48 am

I love the Biggest Loser. The new season started last night - and WOW there are some hot guys on there. Daddy Bear on the Black Team is the Hottest Loser IMO! It was really touching watching him struggle through the exercises - you could see the doubt and worry in his eyes and face, and his daughter was next to him, encouraging him to keep going. I wanted to give him a big ole hug and help him keep going on.

I also loved the Orange Team, both the hot son and his badass momma. She looked like she found some strength and fury inside her that she didn't know she had!

I felt bad for the Brown Team, they worked as hard as they could but they were the first to have a teammate voted off. You could tell that nobody wanted to either of them to have to leave the ranch. After the episode they showed and update about the guy that had to go home - he had lost 100 lbs after he went home and was still going strong.

This show is too damn inspiring to not do anything about my health. I feel stupid and goofy watching the fatties sweat and slobber and puke all over the place, but I know that that's not what it's about.. it's about being healthier on the whole, it's about self respect, and it's about wanting to get the most you can out of life.

2010 started off a bit turbulent the first couple days, but maybe those were just the last workings-out of 2009 and of the not-so-great way of things. 2010 is finally actually starting to kick in, and we are ready to receive its mercy and promise of good things for and in our lives, and in so doing honor, respect, and be true to ourselves and each other.

Wed, Jan. 6th, 2010 04:19 pm (UTC)

Well, go Dave go! I gained a bit of weight back from the holidays (back into the 280s for a bit) but just a couple of days of diet and very minor exercise (masturbation and curls) I got it back to the 270s...anyway, you can do this.

Hope the rest of 2010 is serene and fabulous for ya. :)