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Sun, Apr. 11th, 2010, 12:42 pm

Conservatives and Tea Partiers, rejoice! ACORN has officially been SHUT DOWN!! Huzzah! Let's take a closer look.

This was a result of a series of incriminating videos, filmed at local ACORN offices across the country. In them, the two brave young investigators are portrayed as being dressed as a prostitute and his pimp requesting and RECEIVING information on how to get a bank to finance a house owned by a prostitute, as well as how to smuggle multiple 13-15 year old girls into the US to start a prostitution ring. ACORN employees were, in many cases, all too eager to offer their advice and encouragement to them on how to go about doing these and other illegal activities. As a result, ACORN has SHUT DOWN its offices - on April Fool's Day, no less! WE HAVE WON!!


Er, but, wait a sec. Didn't the California District Attorney just release the unedited tapes of their ground-breaking investigations? I wonder what could be in the...oh..hmm here's the link to a news story about them http://tinyurl.com/ycvdy6n and...oh. Oh man. I think there's been some sort of misunderstanding...You mean the guy who did the videotapes used extensive editing and presented us with an utterly disingenuous portrayal of what actually happened? That they in fact were NOT outrageously dressed as a flamboyant pimp and his worker when they did the interviews? You mean that none of the ACORN workers actually went along with their schemes at all - and that in fact, the police had been contacted and notified that they were attempting to start up a child prostitution ring? B-b-b-but....how could this happen! ACORN is bad, we've been told that from the beginning, since Obamao announced his will to run for the presidency!

You mean this is just a lying, partisan tactic? That Fox News, the GOP and the right-wing blagobloggosphere ran with an outrageous video, didn't check it's authenticity, and then broadcast it as truth to it's viewers? That sounds like dishonest journalism, don't you think?

You mean the guy and girl in the videos only handed over the unedited versions after they received immunity from the state of California from whatever may be in or be implied from the contents of the video tape? Wow...You mean an orginization, admittedly flawed, like most, but not anywhere near what was portrayed in the video...you mean that organization that helped thousands and thousands of poor, disenfranchised, and indigent people to register to vote (and whom tended to vote democratic) was forced to shut down due to not being able to raise enough money to remain in operation after the deceitful videos and subsequent attacks against its operations?

I'm scared, brothers and sisters. They still won. They lied, everyone knows they lied, and they still won. This is not what America is supposed to be like. This is not the America I grew to love, despite its flaws. This is something else. Willful ignorance on behalf of republicans (and democrats), tea partiers, the right wing spin machine, or ANYONE should be denounced, misunderstandings should be worked out, and lies need to be rejected and destroyed on sight. It is hurting America. This is not an acceptable outcome. Stop hurting my country.


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