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cub's den

a psychosocialsexual experiment

27 February 1981
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Looking at the past nine years of my life, I see many highs and many lows, but throughout it all is the regret that I have wasted so much time being painfully introverted and debilitatingly shy. I have an extremely rich inner world, with numerous interests and desires, but have always had a crippling difficulty in expressing myself to the world outside of my head, to the point of not being able to even hold a conversation on the internet.

We are trying to change that. This journal will be about the processes of us becoming more social, more sexual, more sociosexual, and finding a place of friendship, trust, lust and general human respect in the Bear Community. My cub fzks_cub and I have a lot to offer, and it's time we start offering it up.

Please join us on our journey! And don't be bashful - sign up for the naughty filter!