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Thu, Dec. 20th, 2012, 11:55 pm

Hey :o) After quite a long break from livejournal, and after dealing with years and years of being unhappy with myself, I've decided that I had better start making changes to things in my life that I am unhappy with. I'm nine years out of high school, and the things I promised myself I would do, I didn't, and the things I promised myself I wouldn't do, I did. My regrets lie almost wholly in the social arena - I've been exceedingly shy and far too introverted for my own good as long as I can remember, and my Cub, fzks_cub has a similar story. We have recently began making efforts to change our old habits of hiding away from the big scary world and everybody in it. We've also just started a weight loss routine; we will be journaling about these and many, many other interesting and fascinating things. Please feel welcome to check out my journal. I think I've started to make good use of the tag feature, so that should be a good way to quickly navigate the more recent entries.

I'm not making this journal completely friends only, but some of the juicier subjects will probably be. I've enjoyed making new friends here so far, so I hope you'll add me to your list and check out how we're doing. If you're not on my friends list and would like to be added, by all means please comment on this entry and let me know. I've also set up a naughty filter for which we have quite a few things planned, in addition to what's already up there. Reply to the entry beneath this one if you would like to be added. Replies to both of these posts will be screened, so don't do what we did and be too shy to say hello, or a welcome back :)

I think it's worth mentioning that I really do regret not being better at making contacts here the first time around. If you've ever met me online or in real life, or if you've ever posted a reply to my journal and I never responded - I am sorry, that was impolite and rude and wrong of me. Pretty much 100% of that came from being too afraid to respond. There are so many great people here and I wish I would have been better at interacting with you all the first time around. I'm genuinely hoping that I can get a chance to make up for those mistakes and to do things right this time.

Looking forward to getting to know each of you!

I'm on the left, fzks_cub on the right. Say hi.

Thu, Dec. 20th, 2012, 11:50 pm
naughty filter

I have a naughty filter. Post here if you want to be on it :)

I'd rather not add anyone without some sort of indication that they want to be on the list... There's a *lot* of guys I want to want to be on the filter, but I don't want to assume and offend anyone. More than that, I don't want my naughty posts to unexpectedly show up on someone's friends list when they're checking LJ at work -- that's just not cool. Comments to this will be screened, so don't be shy about replying -- even if we haven't had a chance to get to know each other very well yet.

Sun, Apr. 11th, 2010, 12:42 pm

Conservatives and Tea Partiers, rejoice! ACORN has officially been SHUT DOWN!! Huzzah! Let's take a closer look.

This was a result of a series of incriminating videos, filmed at local ACORN offices across the country. In them, the two brave young investigators are portrayed as being dressed as a prostitute and his pimp requesting and RECEIVING information on how to get a bank to finance a house owned by a prostitute, as well as how to smuggle multiple 13-15 year old girls into the US to start a prostitution ring. ACORN employees were, in many cases, all too eager to offer their advice and encouragement to them on how to go about doing these and other illegal activities. As a result, ACORN has SHUT DOWN its offices - on April Fool's Day, no less! WE HAVE WON!!


Er, but, wait a sec.Collapse )

Mon, Apr. 5th, 2010, 07:41 pm
hadn't heard the first one

What does an Aggie girl say on her wedding night?

"Carefull Pa, you'll crush my smokes"....


What four word phrase most often precedes Aggie sex? "Hey sis, wake up!"

Fri, Mar. 12th, 2010, 06:44 pm
cause we don't hear the whole thing often enough

There once was a man from Nantucket,
Whose dick was so long he could suck it.
He said with a grin,
As he wiped off his chin,
"If my ear were a cunt, I would fuck it."

Sat, Feb. 27th, 2010, 09:50 am
good day to thee

fzkscub and I are going to the Sherwood Forest Faire today just outside of Austin. It is the opening weekend of the very first annual Sherwood Forest Faire, so we are really excited to be a part of it. We pulled out our ren fest clothes, which are less awesome than I remembered...fortunately there are bound to be plenty of vendors who will be more than happy to feed and clothe us, if we but part with a few of our hard-earned coins...

Here's hoping for some hot guys in kilts, come on guys, I want to see your junk when you bend over or sit down...*crosses fingers* but only if ur hot, kthx

WTB Mead......and turkey legs and henna tattoos! If you go to their website, I'll be the guy on the left in their icon, in the hooded cloak with a staff, huzzah

I'll be seeing my coworker there and presumably coming out to her. I'm thinking she will be totally cool with it. She's part of the newly-named Millennial Generation. I am totally going to buy her a glass of mead. Maybe we will burn one together. Probably not.

I made a post on my filter this morning, let me know if you aren't on it but would like to be.

By the way...It's my birthday today! Woo Wooooo!

Wed, Feb. 3rd, 2010, 10:45 am
lists subject to having more stuff added to them throughout the day

Things I love:

  • fzks_cub
  • Shpongle's new album, Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland
  • Chai
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Heroes
  • Supernatural
  • Katamari Damacy
  • Explaining Katamari Damacy to my supervisor
  • Singlets!

Things I don't like:
  • Being hungry with nothing to snack on at work
  • Partisan politics
  • Cannabis prohibition

Things I am excited about:
  • New couch
  • Upcoming TBRU
  • Getting a new singlet
  • Posting more
  • Magic
  • Life

Things I am intrigued by:
  • Bubble Tea
  • Tattoos
  • Ghost towns
  • Magic
  • Life

Thu, Jan. 21st, 2010, 08:42 am

Mitch McConnell is a fucktard

Thu, Jan. 14th, 2010, 12:11 pm

So I need either a lot of work done on my truck, or to get a new vehicle. I have a 95 F150. It is driveable, but needs lots of work done to be safe and for me and Rob to feel safe driving it.

Here is an itemized list of everything wrong with the truck, or everything that needs work done on it. Please take a look; do you think it would be worth it to get all of this work done, or should I invest the money in a new vehicle? I do believe that if I get this work done, the truck will last several more years in good condition.
  • Oil/fluid change
  • State inspection
  • Fix A/C - not blowing cold
  • Fix rubber molding on floor around gearshift - has been broken since transmission was replaced two years ago - smells and fumes waft into the cab at times 
  • Rear gas tank line doesn't work
  • Radio/tape player buttons broken, missing
  • Dashboard is disgustingly messy and cracked and needs to be replaced...too damaged/stained to fix up
  • Doors are difficult to unlock from outside with key, if they unlock at all. Sometimes I have to unlock the passenger side, go in through there, and unlock the driver side door from the inside
  • Needs new tires
  • Emergency Brake doesn't seem to be sufficient to hold the truck securely on an incline, such that I have to usually put it in first gear to be sure it won't roll or break the emergency brake
  • New front bumper - current one has been bent to hell since, oh, 2002 or so. Looks extremely unattractive and needs to be replaced
  • Right front fender is damaged and should be replaced
  • The thing is filthy inside and out and needs to be cleaned or detailed and washed, waxed, the works
  • Could use new seat belts instead of the rigid, hard ones that constantly fall under the seat
  • Could use a new gearshift vanity piece
  • Could use a bed liner

Should I sell this truck for what I can get for it and buy a new car? Or should I fix this one up and have it last several more years? I own the truck outright and owe no money on it. I imagine that either way it will cost thousands of dollars (less thousands to get it fixed, though), but no idea how much either route would cost.

I'm confused in this world of adultness and responsibility. Help me!

Wed, Jan. 6th, 2010, 09:48 am

I love the Biggest Loser. The new season started last night - and WOW there are some hot guys on there. Daddy Bear on the Black Team is the Hottest Loser IMO! It was really touching watching him struggle through the exercises - you could see the doubt and worry in his eyes and face, and his daughter was next to him, encouraging him to keep going. I wanted to give him a big ole hug and help him keep going on.

I also loved the Orange Team, both the hot son and his badass momma. She looked like she found some strength and fury inside her that she didn't know she had!

I felt bad for the Brown Team, they worked as hard as they could but they were the first to have a teammate voted off. You could tell that nobody wanted to either of them to have to leave the ranch. After the episode they showed and update about the guy that had to go home - he had lost 100 lbs after he went home and was still going strong.

This show is too damn inspiring to not do anything about my health. I feel stupid and goofy watching the fatties sweat and slobber and puke all over the place, but I know that that's not what it's about.. it's about being healthier on the whole, it's about self respect, and it's about wanting to get the most you can out of life.

2010 started off a bit turbulent the first couple days, but maybe those were just the last workings-out of 2009 and of the not-so-great way of things. 2010 is finally actually starting to kick in, and we are ready to receive its mercy and promise of good things for and in our lives, and in so doing honor, respect, and be true to ourselves and each other.

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